20 Funny Shots – Start Laughing

20 Funny Shots – Start Laughing

When it comes to looking back on your wedding photos there will always be at least one that makes you laugh or even cry…well we love the funny ones.

If you have a funny image to share we would love to see it, so feel free to send it in….if you are brave.

Here are some funnies that will make you laugh and possibly learn.  Enjoy.

TIP (yes we said Tip)…Make sure your dress is altered if needed.

Having a farm themed wedding…watch out for unexpected guests.

There is always a gate crasher.

This is what could happen when the Buck’s is the night before the wedding!

Remember, a lens can capture EVERYTHING.

Lucky only the cake was cut.

This is hysterical. What is this guy thinking.

Having a beach wedding…make sure it is not a nudist beach unless you are having a nudist wedding.

Why not have some fun professional shots.

Don’t forget me, I Beluga in the photo.

Include a local in your photographs.

Photography has come such a long way…so has smiling.

Most men wear a suit..but a “birthday suit” is a suit.

What are you two doing?

When trying on your dress, try moving like you will on the day so the girls don’t escape.

She had to buy 2 pairs of wedding shoes. Nice legs.

She’s trouble. Girls..MAKE SURE THEY FIT.

Some have already started the honeymoon.

She was so eager she forgot something.

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