Reality TV Shows – Their Influence In 2023

Reality TV Shows – Their Influence In 2023


Reality TV shows have had a significant impact on the wedding industry, from bridal fashion to wedding planning and even the way couples choose to get married.

Shows like “Say Yes to the Dress” have popularized certain wedding dress styles and influenced the way brides choose their dresses.

Similarly, shows like “Bridezillas” and “Four Weddings” have influenced wedding planning trends and made couples more conscious of what their weddings should look like.

In recent years, some reality TV shows have also focused on alternative wedding styles, such as destination weddings and elopements, which may have encouraged more couples to consider non-traditional wedding options.

However, it’s important to keep in mind that reality TV shows often present a highly edited and dramatized version of weddings and may not accurately reflect the experiences of real couples.

In general, reality TV shows have made weddings a more mainstream topic of discussion and increased the pressure on couples to have the “perfect” wedding.

This pressure may lead some couples to spend more money on their weddings or to focus more on appearances than on what truly matters to them as a couple.

However, it’s ultimately up to each couple to decide how much influence they want reality TV shows to have on their wedding planning process.

Remember, it is YOUR day, so plan it YOUR way to ensure it is YOUR perfect wedding.

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